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Please contact me by email, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Pork Pie Drums
Zildjian Cymbals (listed on their International Artist's page)
Protection Racket Cases

Pork Pie Drums      Zildjian Cymbals
Protection Racket Cases
Artists Worked With
Hot Leg (Justin Hawkins) (rock)
Buddy Whittington (Texas blues)
Gary Moore (blues)
Protect The Beat (jazz/funk)
Dennis Rollins (jazz)
Ola Onabule (soul)
Disney's Lion King Show (first year, Lyceum London)
Sax Appeal (jazz)
Papa George Band (blues)
Dino Baptiste & Ben Waters (R&B)

I'm Darby Todd a 31 year old professional drummer currently based in London UK with dual national status and holding 2 valid passports (USA & UK). I have unrestricted working rights in the USA, UK and Europe.

I've recently finished touring for the past 16 months in Justin Hawkins' (The Darkness) new band 'Hot Leg' playing shows and festivals so far in 2009 in the USA, UK, and in Europe and some nice shows supporting 'Extreme' on their UK tour. I also play dates when I can with Jazz/Funk act 'Protect The Beat' featuring Derek Nash (Jools Holland) Winston Blissett (Massive Attack) and Tim Cansfield (Steve Winwood, Annie Lennox). I have recorded 2 albums with PTB and you can hear tracks on www.myspace.com/darbytodd.

I play rock, funk, jazz and blues, and from March 2010 I will be looking for new work. My leaning right now is toward rock, but I am open to almost any good music out there.

Check out what I can do on the drum set in the clips below. Contact me at darby@darbytodd.com. I am a full time pro player and can only consider funded work. I will travel to audition including the USA.
Darby Todd
On set for for Hot Leg video shoot
Darby Todd
Justin Hawkins' Hot Leg
Darby Todd
Darby Todd
On set
Video clips - click to play in larger window
Hot Leg performing Heroes live in Finland
Buddy Whittington - Grits Ain't Groceries - Feat: Gary Moore
Hot Leg performing Cocktails live
Darby Todd drum Solo at Blues To Bop festival, Switzerland
Buddy Whittington - That Ain't Right - Feat: Gary Moore
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